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Where You From?

By No Love

  Those 3 little words. Depending on numerous factors like financial, ethnicity, and age, this question can provoke an array of feelings, memories, and pride. Descriptions of that “little conrer store” to that person behind the question or even finding out that you both have mutual friends and family members can ensure laughs and trips down memory lane to any good old American suburbanites.
  Now, throw this question around in a black or latino neighborhood and see what the reaction is.
"Where you from?" The guy behind this question just left his homie’s pad after just having found out one of their friends was killed the day before.
  The guy on the business end of this question just left his girl’s house a few blocks over and his car died out at this corner store.
  The guy behind the counter already knows what’s up. He says in a shaky voice and broken accent “please, I don’t want any trouble in here”. The lady who is shopping with her kids hears the question and starts to look through the isle for her children as if to look for another store to shop at.

  An answer is given that just doesn’t match up with the geographical region that the poor bastard with the broke down car is standing in. This is where those feelings, memories, and pride come into play.
​ And to think, this all started with someone asking a question with 3 simple words. Where are you from? This happens every hour in America. Blacks and Latinos deal with this question on a daily basis with dire consequences. So the next time you’re out and about and happen to meet an interesting enough person to spark a conversation with and you ask them those 3 little words, just be happy you do not live in the barrio or the hood where many have bled and lost their lives after hearing those 3 little words. 

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